PSX 2015: FF7 Remake Battle System Finally Shown Off

Revealed during Sony’s keynote address at the Playstation Experience 2015, we got some juicy new footage of the FF7 remake, complete with a look at the new battle system. The trailer shown at the conference showed the very beginning base assault, along with some cutscenes and a little look at the revamped battle system. The biggest change is the battle system, moving away from the traditional turn based battle system of the original Final Fantasy 7 and moving to the active battle system seen in Final Fantasy XV.

It’s clear to see that the two games are being developed in tandem, with FFXV possibly being a testing ground for this battle system. We also got a full on look of Cloud and Barrett’s character models, taking a lot of inspiration from the FF7 spin off movie, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. We’ll no doubt get some more footage of FF7 Remake in the future but stay tuned to PSX 2015 for more.