Far Cry Primal Gameplay Revealed

With the Video Game Awards came an abundance of announcements and reveals. Including more information on Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal that takes the series back to a more savage age of humanity rather than embracing guns and buggies.

The game has released a collection of gameplay footage showcasing the titles new elements. One of the most interesting is the beastmaster tab that allows you to tame and summon in multiple different animals that you see in the wild. Bears act like tanks that can both deal and take massive damage in fights. Cats go into stealth alongside you if you choose to take things on quietly rather than forcefully. Even wolves play a part of your team as they can assist in hunting and coordinating closely with your movements.

Check out the gameplay footage and let us know your thoughts on Far Cry Primal below. Does it unleash your inner savage or does it leave you with a bad taste in your carnivorous mouth?