Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer Explodes on Youtube

After a lengthy competition to decide which fan video would become the official launch trailer for Just Cause 3, Square Enix have today announced the winner of the contest, ahead of tomorrow’s launch. The trailer by CoolTwinSkittles titled ‘Explosive Rap Trailer’ has won its place as the video to signal Just Cause 3’s release to the world. The competition did span several other categories and the winners of those sections are detailed here:

Best MusicThe Wooden Box – “I’m on fire”, as chosen by Gibson
Best ActionDippen
Best HumourCoolTwinSkittles

So, the launch trailer is out and with Just Cause 3 releasing to the general public tomorrow, you will get to cause as much mayhem and wanton destruction as your heart desires, as you take the role of Rico Rodriguez and attempt to liberate the island of Medici from the dictator General Di Ravello. Or you could just blow up petrol stations and slam military jets into oil rigs, whatever you want really. Check out the winning trailer below and expect our review of Just Cause 3 very soon.