Disgaea is Coming to PC in February 2016

For all you RPG fans that need another game to sink 1000 hours into and love the sweet, sweet grind of watching numbers go up, NIS America’s famous SRPG about demons, exploding penguins and billion damage attacks is coming to PC in February 2016. Disgaea PC will be a port of the PSP Afternoon of Darkness, which is itself a port of the original PS2 Hour of Darkness which started the Disgaea series.

Along with all the PSP content, Disgaea PC will updated UI and textures, along with Steam Achievements, trading cards and badges. If you are a Disgaea fan, you’re probably foaming at the mouth for more baubles to grind out so the added achievements will be right up your street. It will also feature keyboard and mouse support, along with controller so you can play with the configuration that suits you.

I imagine this PC release is as a result of other niche Japanese RPGs like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Valkyria Chronicles doing well on PC, so it only makes sense to release the seminal SRPG grind fest on Steam for everyone who missed it back on the PS2 and PSP. If this one does well, you could see the whole series coming to PC very soon.

No news on pricing yet but assuming it is a simple up-rezzing of a PSP game from nearly 9 years ago, I would imagine it should be more than £15.