GAME is cancelling Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Pre-orders

According to multiple people and some from our readers, Game have sent them an email about cancellation of their Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition. The £99 edition comes with a replica version of the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy which you can use with your mobile phone and a special app.


Those who received the email naturally have checked their Paypal and payment information to see everything in order. Calling PayPal, one reader told us that GAME have not tried to take the money and PayPal have received several phone calls this morning about the issue.

Due to the high number of calls, those who are calling GAME customer services are being stuck in queues trying to find out what the problem is, and if they can still get a Pip-Boy Edition.

We have asked GAME for a comment on the matter and will update you when we here more. If you have gotten the email or have any more information get in touch via our Twitter.

Update: We have also had reports of people being charged twice. One payment states the full price at £99.99 and the other displays £83.32. Thanks MrDomRocks for the image. At the moment it seems to be limited to online pre-orders and not those done in a GAME store.