Paris Games Week: Until Dawn Rush of Blood Confirmed For PlayStation VR


Although not much was told by Mr. Yoshida, a small highlight reel showing a collection of PS VR titles was shown including Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This involved the wearer of the headset rolling through a crazy rollercoaster in a theme park style setting before being scared by what could be seen as a Wendigo. It is all still speculation at this point but we hope to keep you update as more information releases.

Original Article

Wanted a new Until Dawn experience? Well there was one released during the opening show of Paris Games Week in the form of Rush of Blood.

Not much information was released on this game by Shuhei Yoshida on the show floor. No information concerning that of the plot was even brought up. All that was promised was a new and different experience based in the Until Dawn universe. Could this mean you can be playing as Josh as the murderer in First Person? Or maybe even playing VR as the Wendigo? All we can do is raise questions and hope they are answered.

Interested in what Until Dawn: Rush of Blood could be bringing to the table? Let us know what you think the game could be about in the comments.