Paris Games Week: Driveclub Bikes Available Now

Back in 2014, Eovlution Studios released Driveclub, a realistic driving game that had many fans of the simulation genre astounded. Now, at the Paris Games Week, the first major expansion has been revealed named Driveclub Bikes. Taking the same direction that Project Gotham Racing 4 did back on the Xbox 360, Driveclub now has the option to choose a car or motorbike as your vehicle. Unlike with most announcements at a media briefing, there will be no delay inbetween the announcement and release of Driveclub Bikes, as the new content is now available to download. If you already own the original Driveclub, then it will only cost you £11.99 to upgrade. The standalone game costs £15.99, but you cannot purchase this if you already own Driveclub.

If it as atmospheric as the original game, then it will definitely worth the download. Are you excited to see the new Driveclub content? Let us know what you think in the comments below.