Paris Games Week 2015: Street Fighter V to Launch February 16th

EDIT: The leak is indeed true! Ono has confirmed during his spot at the Sony press conference that Dhalsim is indeed returning to Street Fighter V and it will launch on PS4 on February 16th.

Damn, Ono just can’t catch a break can he? In an early post by Eurogamer Portugal ahead of Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week, it has been leaked that Street Fighter V will apparently launch on February 16th for PS4, just before the intended Spring release window.

According to the post as well, Dhalsim will be returning to Street Fighter V as well, which makes sense seeing as Ono has recently tweeted images of fighters being set on fire ahead of the show. Also, it is said that Capcom is readying 6 other characters for post-launch which raises the roster from 16 characters to 22, by the end of 2016. Based off the recent datamining of the SFV beta on PC and the finding of possible placeholder data for these new fighters, we could be seeing Alex, Juri, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien and Guile by the end of next year.

It’ll be less than 10 minutes before we find out if this leak for Street Fighter V is indeed true so keep your eyes peeled on the Playstation livestream for confirmation. You can check out the cached version of the Eurogamer Portugal post right here.