Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Available Today

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition launches today and brings over a 1000 improvements from the original game that came out in 2014. With so many improvements here is a list of some of the major ones:

  • Controller support
  • Local co-op splitscreen
  • Full AAA voicing
  • New quests and situations
  • New difficulty modes
  • New ending featuring several new regions.
  • New Spells
  • New Characters
  • 4K display support
  • Some enemies now have familiars

You can see the complete list of all the changes for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition in this downloadable PDF. If you bought the game back in 2014 then good news, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is free and should already be in your Steam or GOG library.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is available now on Steam and GOG.com