PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 Survey Reveals Possible New Features


Thanks to the invention of updatable console firmware, it is possible to add or remove features after the initial release. Sony have recently upgraded the PlayStation 4 to version 3.0, adding communities and live streaming to YouTube to their flagship console. Not content with resting on their laurels, they have released a new survey that asks their user base what they would most like to see in the future. The potential new additions to the 4.0 update include:

  • Comptability with PS1 and PS2 Classics from PS3.
  • The ability to hide or delete games from your library.
  • An option to Appear Online on the PSN.
  • The ability to place games into Folders.
  • Custom background images.
  • The ability to change your PSN ID name.
  • Notifications when friends come online
  • Filter options for games in your library.
  • Increase the maximum size of a Party.
  • A wish list for the PlayStation Store.
  • The ability to use avatars on the PS4.

All of these features would certainly be welcome, especially the Classics compatibility and the advanced library management. Will any of these features actually make it into the next major firmware update? Only time will tell, as well as the votes of the PlayStation community. Which feature are you most excited about seeing on the PlayStation 4? Let us know what you think in the comments below.