‘Biggest’ New Europe MapleStory Content Update Coming November

MapleStory after running for over eight years is getting ‘one of the biggest content updates MapleStory Europe has ever seen’ and from October 21st players will need to help solve a mystery.

Letters ‘L’ ‘P’ ‘E’ and ‘A’ will start to appear throughout the landscape of the game from October 21, 2015 and gamers are tasked to arrange them into the correct order ‘LEAP’ then post into the forum thread to help gather clues. For those that log in everyday between the 4th and 10th November will unlock something ‘ super secret’.

The new update coming November 18th will see new rewards, new level up events for Blazing Hot and Ice Cold warriors, a high level training area and a new Maple Contents Map System.

MapleStory is available to download for PC and recently has also made its way to mobile devices for iOS and Android.