Trivial Pursuit Goes Mobile on Google Play and App Store

Today, Trivial Pursuit fans rejoice, if you have long waited to play the family game on your phone, today is the day. Titled Trivial Pursuit & Friends is available for free on all the major app stores; iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The app is designed to allow solo-play or battles over the internet with the ability to Duel more than one friend at a time, having multiple games on the go for all your Trivial Pursuit needs. Another game mode call Blitz is a fast pace game where you compete with up to 4 players at a time. Be the fastest and take the lead to unlock tiers and prizes.

The social aspects of the game allow you to add titles, badges and decorations which allows you a little bit of personality. All the while being able to track your progress through stats and online leader boards.

The Trivial Pursuit & Friends mobile app is available to download now on iOS, Windows and Android.