New Sega Trademark Could Hint at New Valkyria Chronicles

Thanks to findings reported by Hachima Kikou, a recent trademark filed by SEGA of Japan could be hinting towards a possible new entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series. The trademark is for the name ‘Aoki Kakumei No Valkyria’ which roughly translates to ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution.’

The original Valkyria Chronicles was titled ‘Senjou No Valkyria’ in Japan, so this new trademark could indicate that this is a brand new chapter in the series, away from the events between Gallia and the East Europan Imperial Alliance. Blue is the signature colour of the Valkyrians, so this could be a throwback to the original war with the Valkyrians and the Darcens but this is just speculation.

If this is a new installment in the series, it could be as a response to the overwhelming sales of the original Valkyria Chronicles when it was released on Steam in November of last year. There is also the possibility that this new trademark could be for a release of Valkyria Chronicles III, which was never released outside of Japan. Or, worst case scenario, it is a trademark for a Valkyria Chronicles mobile game which guts the franchise from a tactical SRPG to some free to play nonsense. Who knows?

We’ll be keeping an eye on any news about this trademark and will let you know as soon as we can if it is a new installment to the Valkyria Chronicles series.