Fallout 4 Xbox One Controller and More in Fallout Great War Sale Event

Correction: Our previous article mentioned the sale starting next week (October 26th) this was incorrect and starts this week from October 19th.

This week in the Bethesda store is the chance to acquire some serious Fallout 4 related gear. The week long ‘Great War Sale Event’ comes with discounts and all new Fallout branded merchandise with a different item each day of the week.

During the sale many items will be up to 20 percent off with some exceptions such as games and pre-sale items. The Fallout Anthology edition however has free shipping while the event is running so could be the time you pick it up.

First up is the Great War 2015 t-shirt, available until October 26th, which can be purchased for $16 or comes free when you pre-order Fallout 4.

Tuesday lands the granddaddy of collectibles,  a limited-edition wired Vault-Boy Xbox One controller that only 5000 have been made. Acting quickly on the day will give you a better chance of obtaining one. Remember to set that reminder.

Over the rest of the week there will be a Pip-Boy messenger bag on Wednesday, a Vault-Tech watch on Thursday which only has 1500 available and a Fallout 4 art book on Friday (5000 available).

The promotion comes in unquestionably well-timed, a few weeks ahead of the release of Fallout 4 that lands November 10th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.