Project Zero: Maiden of Blackwater Available Through Game

Fans of all things survival horror be prepared for some open-wallet surgery. The latest instalment in the stellar Project Zero series (Or Fatal Frame as it’s known elsewhere) is gearing up for a slightly bigger release than anticipated.

It was originally reported that the limited edition version of the game would only be available through the Nintendo Store. Thankfully this has changed and us Europeans can order this beautiful set through high-street chain Game. Much to the delight of horror fans nationwide.

Whilst it may set you back £50, it’s definitely worth the money. The set includes a double-sided poster, a detailed art-book, four Spirit Photographs, and a steelbook disc case for the game. When taking into consideration that this is the only way to get a physical copy of the game in these parts, it’s a pretty good deal. However you may need to act fast as this the only way to get the game on disc, as no standard editions of the game will be released. It’s a crying shame, but the game will still be available to download directly onto your Wii-U console. To pre-order the set, simply click here and snag yourself a copy today.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water will be released exclusively for the Wii-U on October 30th.