Indivisible Indiegogo Campaign Goes Live

In partnership with 505 Games, Lab Zero have launched the crowdfunding campaign for Indivisible, their new action RPG inspired by classics from each genre like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid. In Indivisible, you play Ajna, a young woman who after a devastating attack on her rural village, receives the power to absorb individuals into her very being which grants her special abilities and weapons, along with the aid of these individuals in battle. Determined to find out the extent of the mysterious power and to also get revenge on the warlords which razed her village to the ground, Ajna sets off on a grand quest across the land, which will reveal the true nature of her new power.

The world of Indivisible is based heavily on the mythologies of South East Asia, with many of the enemy, area and level designs stemmed from these oft used myths and legends. You can find out a whole lot more about the art style, the enemies and friends you will meet along the journey as well as information on all the stretch goals and backer rewards over on the Indivisible indiegogo page, which you can find here. To help you decide on whether to back Indivisible, Lab Zero have even prepared a short prototype of the game, allowing potential backers a taste of Indivisible’s platforming and turn based combat before they put their money down to help support the project. I feel this is a great step that more indies should follow, as so many smaller projects are funded based on good faith alone. Having something tangible to actually play and get a feel for before you put your cash on the line, makes backing a potential new game less of a crapshoot.

With the polish that was put into Skullgirls and the handling of that indiegogo campaign makes me fairly certain that Indivisible will be worth your money and that it won’t suddenly go missing or fall through. If you are still on the fence, you can download the playable prototype of Indivisible from its website here and watch the campaign video below to see it in action.