Rainbow Six Siege Beta Extended To October 4th

Enjoying the Rainbow Six Siege Beta on your chosen platform? We have. But if you have not been able to get in or even receive your beta key yet then do not threat.

It was announced earlier today by Ubisoft that the Beta for the game, that has already been extended once, has been extended yet again to October 4th. It was originally scheduled to go down as of today but due to popularity the company have decided to extend the beta for more players to enjoy and for the the developers to receive that crucial feedback before launch later this year.

So get involved now and get on the Rainbow Six Siege Beta in case you haven’t already. We are also livestreaming ourselves on the game every night whilst it is still running. So be sure to check us out on our Twitch channel whilst things are still up and running.

Are you enjoying the Beta or can’t wait to get involved? Let us know in the comments.