‘SOMA’ Available Today

Fans of Amnesia: The Dark Descent have much cause for excitement today as Frictional Games unleashed their latest slice of survival horror.

Much like their previous games, Soma is played from a first person perspective. You play as an unknown man who awakes inside an underground laboratory with no recollection of how he got there. From the offset he sees evidence of grotesque experiments that defy any rational logic. Knowing he must escape, he ventures through a intertwining tunnels that are stalked by machines that are slowly developing human characteristics.

Available on PC (As well as Mac and Linux) and the PlayStation 4, Soma offers players yet another chance to unravel an engaging mystery whilst playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a variety of horrifying villains. The formula has proven to be a winner before, but how well will Soma hold up to it’s now iconic predecessor. Stick with VGU for our verdict.