Skyshine’s Bedlam Awaits on Steam

Independent developer Skyshine in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil, today announced the launch of the eagerly anticipated Skyshine’s BEDLAM, a rogue-like, turn based strategy game set in an over the top post-apocalyptic wasteland.  The Standard Edition is available for digital download for £14.99 and fans can also pick up the Deluxe Edition, which includes the complete soundtrack by award-winning composer Kevin Riepl, for £18.99.

“The world of Skyshine’s BEDLAM was really born out of the best possible places, the stuff we loved when we were kids.  The games, graphic novels and movies we experienced in the 80’s like Mad Max, Heavy Metal and Judge Dredd were all inspirations.” said John Mueller, Art Director at Skyshine.  “We love games like FTL and XCOM and the rogue-like genre was a perfect fit for what we wanted to accomplish.  We have made a game our 14 year old selves would have loved, complete with vomiting monsters, killer robots and gruesomely hilarious deaths!”

Built on the foundations of the Banner Saga engine, Skyshine’s BEDLAM is a fast paced rogue-like turn-based strategy game with a unique art style, tons of character and hours worth of replayability. Set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by 1980s action movies, Skyshine’s BEDLAM puts players in the role of the revered and mysterious Mechanic, whose mission is to safely escort passengers and crew in a massive rolling fortress called a Dozer across the vast wastelands of BEDLAM to reach a distant utopia known as Aztec City. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, with deadly factions threatening you at every turn, it’s not going to be easy.

“From humble Kickstarter beginnings, the indie team at Skyshine has really pulled together a fun and addictive game,” commented Steve Escalante, General Manager at Versus Evil. “We were all fans of the art and game concept at the beginning, but actually seeing and playing the game has gone beyond our expectations.  This is an indie team to watch out for and we are privileged to be able to partner with them to bring their first game as a new studio to the masses.”

Check out the launch trailer for Bedlam below and expect our review of this post-apocalyptic roguelike soon.