New Class Revealed for For Honor at TGS 2015

For Honor combines different countries mightiest warriors and pits them against each other in massive team based combat. At the Tokyo Game Show during Sony’s conference, a new class was revealed for gamers who are looking forward to the game.

The Shogun brings a new dynamic to the games already established medieval warfare. Using precise movements and elegant swings of their katanas, the Shoguns can sweep through battles like a majestic wind. On top of this, they can also call down a bombardment of arrows from afar to do damage in an area to unsuspecting targets.

The class looks astounding with some amazing detail put into the armour and helmets for them to look authentic. With a release date still being waited on, are you looking forward to what For Honor is bringing to the table? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and look out for more information coming straight from TGS 2015.