Bloodborne Expansion revealed at TGS 2015

During the Tokyo Game Show, the new expansion for Bloodborne was revealed. Known as The Old Hunters, players will be exploring new areas and taking on new foes as more lore covering the hunters of the past is revealed.

As well as revealing the name and some new areas and bosses, some new weapons and magic have been revealed in the game as well. These include a Saw Staff, Fire Hammer, Scythe and even a Bow and Arrow weapon set. Things are looking more deadly, bloody and difficult than ever which is great for any fans of the series.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is scheduled for a release on the 24th November 2015. If you have not picked up Bloodborne so far howoever, you may wish to wait until December 3rd to get your hands on the Old Hunter Edition which includes the base game with a unique steel book case.