Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Coming October 30th

If you’ve finally got bored of Edmund McMillen’s grotesque remake of his Biblical roguelike, prepare to cry tears of excitement and pain as Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is coming to PC, Mac and Linux on October 30th. This ‘mega DLC’ adds over 100+ hours of new content to Rebirth, according to Ed, with a whole laundry list of new enemies, items and game modes to sink way too much time into. From the official Isaac website, Afterbirth adds:

  • Greed Mode, a brand new game mode to Isaac which is a combination of a boss rush, horde mode and resource management which has its own set of endings and final boss.
  • A new final area on top of the Chest for the main game mode everyone has come to know and love, which includes a new final boss and ending.
  • Like Spelunky, Afterbirth has daily seeded runs where you can compete for the highest score on a global leaderboard.
  • 10 new challenges, over 1000 new rooms and even a new character, Lilith the mother of demons.
  • 120 new items, which does not include the many new pickups, bomb types, pills, cards and more.
  • 4 new alternate chapters like the Cellar, with brand new enemy variations and visual themes.
  • New room types, including double treasure rooms!
  • An updated HUD.
  • A new seed combo page, including special seeds which can mod the game drastically.
  • A greatly expanded soundtrack.
  • Loads of secret transformations and fan requested item combinations to use while dungeon crawling.
  • 25 new enemies, 8 new bosses and way too many achievements (Ed’s words, not mine).
  • 20 million (!) new co-op babies and about 5 more things but Ed apparently forgot to put them in the update page on his site.

So, it’s fair to say that people who buy The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth will get an insane amount of content for just under a tenner. Sounds like an absolute bargain to me. Tyrone Rodriguez, producer of Rebirth, has stated that Afterbirth could have basically been Binding of Isaac II but it’ll be DLC instead so lucky us. If you pre-order the DLC before its release on Devils’ Night, you will get a discount on the initial pricing of £9.99. While the release date for Afterbirth has not yet been announced for consoles, the fact that it was demoed at PAX on a PS4 should hint that its console release should be out very shortly after the first October 30th launch. You can check out the creepy reveal trailer below and expect more updates on this disgustingly massive DLC very soon.