Batman Arkham Knight PC Version Receives Patch

After the PC release of Batman Arkham Knight, it was evident that it had many villains that were not on the console versions of the game. Both media outlets and the public found that there were potentially game breaking complications such as freezes, substantial slowdown, graphical tearing and memory optimization issues. The problems were so severe that some of the digital outlets that sold the game decided to stop selling the game until the game had been fixed.

Thankfully, Rocksteady have stepped up to the plate and today released a patch which they claim has fixed some of the issues reported by the gaming community. The notes included with the update also reveal some of the future changes that are going to be made, such as support for the game’s Season Pass content which will arrive after the game’s re-release, and the ability to utilise specialist functions which are exclusive to ATI and Nvidia’s premium range graphic cards.

Has the patch improved your experience of the final Arkham game on your PC? Let us know what you think in the comments below.