Nintendo Unveils Winter 2015 Release Lineup

In a bumper series of reveals over on the Nintendo UK and Europe Twitter channels, the Big N has announced the release dates for many of its products during the winter quarter. The big one is that the heavily awaited RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming on the 7th of December. If you haven’t caught up with the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, you can now buy it on the Nintendo eShop for £17.99 and you get a discount of Chronicles X should you choose to buy it digitally.

November the 20th is also another date to get marked on your calendars, as a lot of Nintendo stuff releases on that day. The re-imaging/soft reboot of the Star Fox series, Star Fox Zero launches that day, as well as Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash so if you want a break from blasting Andross’ minions, you can take in a nice game of tennis with Mario and the lot. To coincide with the launch of Star Fox Zero, the Falco amiibo is available on that day, along with a Toad and Bowser skinned Wiimote for you to swing round the living room.

As for more physical Nintendo merchandise, the 27th of November sees the launch of New 3DS faceplates, including Hello Kitty and Yoshi themed plates for your handheld. You can also buy a Mega Yarn Yoshi on the same day to compliment your new Yoshi faceplates. If you are in the market for more amiibos to add your collection, the 25th of September sees the launch of all the Mii Fighters, along with ROB, Mr Game and Watch and Duck Hunt Duo. Keep in mind that the Mr Game and Watch amiibo is the special figurine which can be swapped out for different poses so get your pre-orders in quick before the scalpers swipe them all up.

So, plenty to save up for if you are a Nintendo fan so get those wallets primed and ready.