Fallout 4 gamescom Footage Leaked on PornHub

Fallout 4 has had some of its footage leaked by a bootleg recorder from their gamescom 2015 presentation. It is not in the places you would expect, the footage first appeared on the adult streaming website PornHub.

Although Fallout 4 or the presentation is not a mystery, Bethesda/ZeniMax have not shared it with the world. With other places being hit with copyright claims or sheer volume of requests, Fallout fans got creative and posted the video on PornHub as a way of hosting the footage without the problems previous.

The seven minute long video shows some places shown before but shows of terminal hacking, the security bots, lock picking and many, many feral ghouls. The video at the time of writing this article has over 177 thousand views. The footage is of course really bad quantity as the recorder is clearly trying to hide their unethical work but from YouTube taking videos down and not risking download viruses all for “Fallout 4 Leaked Footage”.

Honestly, the footage is NSFW being on a porn site but is a genius way of coping with demand and is probably the best and safest place to see it. ¬†Bethesda will probably release a full HD version of the footage shortly seen as it is out there on the market in bad quality on a porn site (not the best PR for them I imagine). Until then the video is titles “HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE” which is not entirely untrue.

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