Cities: Skylines First Expansion Called After Dark

Paradox Interactive at gamescom 2015 announced the first expansion for city building simulator Cities: Skyline. The new expansion is titled After Dark, new features, special areas, new city services and transport systems are some of the new stuff coming in the After Dark expansion.

Of course as the name suggests the biggest feature to the game is a day and night cycle which sees graphical enhancements and citizen behaviour. Watch the Cities: Skylines After Dark reveal trailer.

In After Dark, the day and night cycle will affect the game in different ways. Leisure spots in the night time will become popular night spot such as nightclubs, karaoke bars and more. During the day places like the beach front will have beach restaurants, jet ski rentals and more.

Cities: Skylines After Dark will include:

  • Leisure and Luxury: Nightclubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, and other new leisure areas will become especially active at night
  • Service with a Smile: New city services will transport criminals from police stations to prisons, while cargo hubs and international airports will allow industry and tourism to expand and thrive
  • Surf and Turf: Commercial areas on the shoreline can specialize in new beach properties such as fishing tours, marinas, and beach bars
  • We Get Around: New taxi services help citizens and tourists travel around the city, while new dedicated bus lanes and bike lanes encourage alternate transportation
  • New Chirps: Because everyone loves Chirper

Cities: Skylines After Dark will be available for on PC, Mac, and Linux in 2015. The current base game Cities: Skylines is available to download now.