Portable Steam Device Gets A Release Date and Price

Ever wanted to play your Steam library on the train on your way to work? Now you will be able to take your PC Steam library with a device that is capable of doing just that. The Smach Zero, a portable Steam machine now has a release date a price which you can sink your teeth into, and prepare your wallets.

Known as the SteamBoy before, the Smach Zero will be released in Q4 of 2016 with pre-sales starting November 10. By pre-ordering you are able to get it at a cheaper price of $299. This is a pre-order only price and will cost most if you buy it later.

The Smach Zero looks like the Steam controller with a screen attached to the front and four buttons each side. To make it fit with different types of games the controller can be configure as needed.

Packing 4GB of RAM, a 720p touch screen, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wifi and 32GB of built in storage running Valve’s SteamOS it is specifically designed to be a machine to play Steam Games.

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