King’s New Game Paradise Bay Available on iOS Now & Android Soon

King are well known for their 3 match type games but today that changes with the release of their latest title Paradise Bay. King’s first simulation game is available to download on iOS through the App Store and coming to Android devices soon.

Paradise Bay sets the player on an island with the quest of transforming the place into their new home. Building, discovering new islands, uncovering lost map pieces and trading with new characters they meet is just some of the gameplay you will find.


Social features are also in Paradise Bay allowing players to connect via Facebook to ask for extra resources, visit markets and trade items with other players. Players will also be able to assist friends by diving for treasure.

We’re really excited to launch Paradise Bay which is the first game to come out of our Seattle studio,”

“It’s a new type of game for King which offers immersive and strategic gameplay, allowing players to build their own trading port, uncover the mysteries of their island and interact with an array of fun and friendly characters. Paradise Bay offers players the ultimate escape. ”

– Lou Fasulo, Studio Head at King.

Paradise Bay is available from today on iOS and is coming to Android soon. Played Paradise Bay? Let us know what you think of King’s latest title in the comments below.