Corsair Reveal New RGB Keyboards, Mice & Headsets

Corsair announced at gamescom 2015 their new line of RGB gaming peripherals; the STRAFE mechnical keyboard, Scimitar RGB MMO/MOBA mouse,VOID gaming headsets and the first keyboard in the world to use the Cherry MX RGB silent gaming switches, the STRAFE RGB Silent.

Along with the new hardware also comes news software, an updated version of the Corsair Utility Engine is available which will allow gamers more control over their lighting effects which will also work in unison across all Corsair hardware you own.

Here’s what we know about each product.

STRAFE RGB Silent and STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Two keyboards come out of gamescom 2015 for Corsair, mechanical gaming keyboards with RGB lighting. STRAFE RGB and STRAFE RGB Silent are both similar in design and function with one big difference the switches. The STRAFE Silent uses the new Cherry MX Silent switches which is meant to reduce noise from the actuation by up 30% compared to other keyboards. The non silent variant the STRAFE RGB comes in two different switch styles either Red or Brown.

Both keyboards come with 16.8 million colours and allow gamers to choose any number of different lighting configurations with each key being able to be programmed with an automated macro using the CUE program. With 6 different lighting effecrs and custom profiles users can create their keyboard lighting set up and then share them over at

STRAFE Slient:

  • Available in October with pre-orders in August
  • STRAFE RGB Silent: $159.99 MSRP


  • Available in October with pre-orders in August
  • $149.99 MSRP

VOID Wireless, USB, and Analog Gaming Headsets

The VOID headset comes in a range of different connection types, wireless, USB or trandional analogue and ear cups that are specifically designed to shape the ear. Both digital versions, the wireless and USB version of the headset have features that allow gamers to control their sound without having to leave the game. Much like the keyboards they feature RGB lighting as well as EQ and 7.1 surround sound.

Gamers who want a more universal solution can choose the VOID analogue version which includes a mobile adapter and a Y cable for use on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, mobile, PC and Mac.

VOID Wireless:

  • Available late August 2015
  • Models and MSRPs:
    • VOID Wireless SE (Yellowjacket) – 149.99 MSRP, Best Buy exclusive
    • VOID Wireless (Carbon) – $129.99 MSRP

Void USB:

  • Available late August 2015
  • $99.99 MSRP

Void Analogue:

  • Available late August 2015
  • $79.99 MSRP


The last of the new range is the MOBA and MMO gaming mouse, Corsair. With Corsairs Key Slider control system the mouse has 8mm of adjustment allowing more gamers to be able to use the macro keys more effectively. With 12 different mechanical buttons the Scimitar was designed for the professional player in mind with 12,000 dpi and RGB lighting.

Using the CUE, players can also change mouse sensitivity, button functions and lighting. Custom timer countdowns, double macros and more allow for more customisation for the gamers who need to do a lot in one motion.


Suggested Price: $79.99
Available: September 2015

With gamescom 2015 only just begun expect many more announcements to come. For all the latest hardware news and infomation check back here at VGU for more.