Metal Gear Solid V on PC to Release Same Time as Consoles

In a news update posted over on the Metal Gear Solid V Steam page, the PC version of The Phantom Pain will be releasing at the same time as the console version on the 1st of September. Those who buy the PC version will get some Steam exclusive goodies like a making of documentary of The Phantom Pain, extra Mother Base staff upon starting the game as well as access to the Venom Snake emblem for your version of Outer Heaven. If you pre-order the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you will also get Ground Zeroes bundled in for no additional charge.

The PC version of Metal Gear Online will still lag behind the console version however, with it being released in January 2016 while console players get in on October 6th. The PC version of MGSV will have 4K support like Ground Zeroes did, with those who buy a Nvidia GTX GPU receiving a copy of Metal Gear Solid V with their purchase. Windows 10 support will come with some post-launch patches, Steam trading cards will be available and players will able to import their own custom soundtracks via MP3 in a future patch for the game. Despite the myriad of other questionable decisions Konami has made about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, they seem to be doing right by their PC playing fans and trying to produce a version which could be the definitive version of Kojima’s final entry in this epic series.

Konami have also revealed that a brand new, Mother Base centric trailer for Metal Gear Solid V will debut on Wednesday at this year’s Gamescom, with players who attend the show being able to play through the Hero’s Way mission that has been shown off in multiple gameplay trailers. Keep an eye out for that trailer very soon and no doubt more Metal Gear news in the coming days.