Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Until Further Notice

In what has been a trying weekend for both Street Fighter fans and people over at Capcom HQ, Capcom have decided to pull the plug on this current phase of the beta until a later date. In a blog post by community manager Peter ‘Combofiend’ Rosas, he revealed that while some players were able to successfully get into the beta test and try out Street Fighter V, it soon became clear to Capcom that the majority of beta testers were not even able to log into the game. As a result, the servers managing Street Fighter V will be offline for extended maintenance and the first beta phase will be postponed until Capcom believe the player experience will be a positive one.

This postponed beta test will not eat into the other beta phase slots, according to Peter, and there will some incentive for players who did participate in this test later down the line. No specifics on what this is but this will also be announced in the future. European and Asian beta testers will also be compensated for their inability to access the Street Fighter V beta, due to the fact servers were solely allocated to North American players on Friday and Saturday but again, Capcom are keeping quiet as to what form this compensation will take.

Overall, this is not a good start for Street Fighter V. While some select players were able to get in to play and really test out the systems, the failure of Capcom’s online infrastructure does not exactly bode well for the future of Street Fighter V’s online. With the already wonky launch of the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom and Sony need to put their heads together and make sure the rest of the beta tests don’t suffer from any more wide spread problems.

You can read the entire blog post from Combofiend here and expect more news on when the beta will resume in the near future.