SGDQ 2015 Starts Tomorrow!

For all you fans of blistering speedruns and the occasional cringe worthy moment, the Summer Games Done Quick marathon starts tomorrow, giving us a week of incredible moments and hopefully, lots of money raised for charity. This year, SGDQ 2015 comes to you from St Paul, Minnesota and the charity that all the money is going to is Doctors Without Borders, to help support medical efforts in far flung places around the world.

The stream kicks off at 6pm tomorrow, starting with Yoshi’s Island for the SNES and continuing through a whole raft of games throughout the week. Having a glance through the list, definitely tune into the Tetris block in the early hours on Tuesday morning, the blindfolded Pokemon Blue run on Saturday morning and then the TASBot block later on that day. Make sure to get your donations in to win great prizes, help go towards run augments and to, of course, kill the animals in the final Super Metroid race. Unfortunately, no F-Zero block this year but there will no doubt be something else to fill the Blue Falcon shaped void. You can read the full schedule here to find out what is going on at your local time so you can plan your viewing accordingly.

The event is always full of excitement, the money is going to a very worthy charity and it is a great display of some incredibly talented gamers from across the world. If you are new to the whole world of speedrunning, check out this great glossary compiled by SpeedRunsLive and watch this great compilation of last year’s SGDQ to get you in the mood.