The Dwarves are Coming in 2016

Teased today by German studio King Art Games, an adaptation of Markus Heitz’ book series The Dwarves, is in production for PC and possibly Xbox One and PS4. This tactical RPG will task you as Tungdil, who gather up to 12 companions to fight across the world and quest for gold and renown. The developers have likened companion selection to the system in Fire Emblem, with each companion having their own set of battle skill, personality, possible quest lines and so on. You will choose up to 4 companions during each stage and be thrust into vast battles with hundreds of enemies fighting on the screen at once.

The world of Girdlegard exists within the timeline of the very first book in The Dwarves book series so expect some familiar faces to pop in and out as you campaign through the world. Markus Heitz is acting as a consultant on the project and is said to be writing a quest or two, so watch out for those during your time with The Dwarves. The game will be playable at Gamescom, should you wish to see how this dwarven endeavour is shaping up and the team over at King Art have confirmed there will be a Kickstarter in mid-August to raise funds for the game. This will no doubt determine whether The Dwarves will definitely be appearing on PS4 and Xbox One.

So, make sure to give The Dwarves a look if you are at Gamescom but for anyone else, have a gander at their Facebook page and check the teaser trailer below.