Bethesda Announces Fallout Anthology at QuakeCon

During the opening of QuakeCon 2015, Pete Hines dropped the bomb shell that a Fallout Anthology is coming to PC on September 29th in North America, with Europe getting it in October 2nd. For all you new Fallout fans or those who are wishing to get back into the series, the Fallout Anthology has every single mainline Fallout game, with all the DLC included and housed in a stylish looking mini-nuke box.

The mini-nuke box even has a nice little bomb drop sound when you open it and there is even a space reserved for Fallout 4, when that comes out on November 10th. I imagine all you Fallout collectors will be champing at the bit for this stylish package, even if you have all the copies of the games featured within this Anthology. No news on pricing as of yet but I imagine it will be no more than about £50.