Armies of Myth Set Available Now For Hex: Shards Of Fate

Gameforge and HEX Entertainment are today releasing the third set for HEX: Shards of Fate. The new content introduced by Armies of Myth includes two hundred and fifty additional cards, amongst which there are eighteen legendaries. This time around the focus lies on the Vennen, Elf, Coyotle and Necrotic races, which appear alongside twenty new heroes providing players with additional variety and new tactical options.

On top of the new cards, Armies of Myth will introduce three new card abilities opening up new strategic depth and offering players more tactical options. These are Prophecy, Shift and Allegiance.
Prophecy allows players to embellish cards still in their decks with bonuses. Shift can transfer one card’s powers to another. Finally Allegiance gives players bonuses as long as they have played or are holding cards of a specific race.
Armies of Myth also sees the unveiling of a new card type: banes. These cards allow players to now sabotage their enemy’s decks. Should the enemy draw a card of this type, a negative effect results which many inflict huge damage and possibly herald your opponent’s defeat.
For PvP players, the update also offers a new tournament mode and the ability to play asynchronously. It will also be possible to conduct tournaments with an unlimited number of players. To ensure the new tournaments can be conducted properly, qualifying rounds will be used to select up to sixteen finalists who will then go on to play in a final bout to determine the winner.
Users of Kismet’s Well have a special surprise in store as players are now able to open the chests which they previously received from booster packs. Depending on the set which a chest came from, there is a specific loot table containing one hundred and twenty different items, including Stardust. This item is used to unlock a card’s extended art. The more unusual the card, the more powerful the Stardust needs to be.
Lastly a new measure has been put in place to help players who wish to add more security to their accounts. Hex now is supported by Google Authenticator, this optional extra has been implemented in the update and can be activated at any time.

A ton of content and a lot more fun to get your hands on. Why not let us know your thought on the updates for Hex and the new Armies of Myth set in the comments.