Sol Trader is Coming to EGX

Are you looking for a hybrid of Dwarf Fortress, Asteroids with a bit of the original Elite thrown in? Look no further than Sol Trader, a grand space sim by Chris Parsons and co., which has you creating a character and then being launched into a world which has 200 years of pre-built history.

Inspired by the adventures and legends mode in Dwarf Fortress, every world created in Sol Trader will have its own unique history which the player will have to negotiate in each campaign. During character creation, the player will have to go through the same decision making process each NPC made, in order to establish their own personal history and how it intertwines with the universe that has already existed for 200 years. You then must forge your own destiny by exploring the solar system, becoming a trader, settling scores from your past or whatever takes your fancy. In the same vein as games like Elite, player agency and the freedom to follow what every path you desire is paramount to your experience with Sol Trader.

Ships are fully customisable so you can build them to suit any play style you wish. You can live out your life as a peaceful trader with a massive cargo ship or a back-stabbing field agent for the Earth’s Old Federation, flying around in a sleek stealth fighter. There is a lot to do in Sol Trader and the game is shaping up to go toe to toe with other epic space sims that are on the market.

So if you are interested, make sure to check out the Sol Trader booth in the Rezzed area of EGX 2015 if you want to see what life you may lead in a distant future. For more information on Sol Trader, make sure to check out their official site and watch the short gameplay trailer below.