First Batman Arkham Knight DLC Available Now

If you were wondering when the first downloadable content will arrive for Batman Arkham Knight, then your question has been answered this week. A Matter of Family is an additional story based campaign which follows the exploits of Batgirl and Robin set before the events of Arkham Asylum. Their aim is to apprehend Joker and Harley Quinn in an abandoned theme park outside of Gotham City.

Season Pass owners can now download the story pack if they own a PS4 or Xbox One. Unfortunately for PC owners, you will have to wait until the game is officially re-released by Warner Bros. If you do not own the season pass, you will be able to buy the DLC A Matter of Family on the 21st of July for £5.79. To see Batgirl and Robin in action, be sure to check out the launch trailer below.

Are you excited to play another chapter in the excellent Arkham saga? Let us know what you think in the comments below.