Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess New Stages and Modes

Koei Temco release today a new batch of screenshots for Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess and information on stages and trap action. Staging is a very crucial part to Deception and while the protagonist Laegrinna, plays as you would expect by luring her enemies into her concoction of traps. Velguirie plays a different role being able to be more playful in role of traps master by facing them head on and kicking them into traps and being part of the plan.

Velguirie is also able to use 3 new stages as her hunting ground. The Gymnasium allows her to use spring boards, ball throwers and basket ball hoops, while the Playground can use slides, merry go rounds and a panda that shots them into the air. Finally in the Hospital she can tie them to operating tables, electrocute them and play with their fear of giant syringes.

Deception Studio, a new mode coming to Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess will allow players to create enemies for the Princesses to defeat. You will be able to choose their look, weapon, outfit, story and name. Changing their resistances, immunities and strengths also allows you to have more strategic battles.

Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess will be available on the PlayStation 4 and is coming to Europe July 17th 2015. It will also be available on the same day digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Vita.