Yoshinori Ono Reveals Brazil Stage for Street Fighter V

In a short trailer for the Warner Bros Summit, Yoshinori Ono has revealed a brand new stage for Street Fighter V, set in Brazil. The famous Street Fighter producer announced this new stage for the game, as well as teasing the fact that if there is a stage set in Brazil, there must a Brazilian character coming along with it. Ono teased fans saying they’ll have to wait until the Brazil Games Show in October before they find out who it is but due to his affinity with Blanka, the sheer amount of Blanka merchandise that was in Ono’s office during the reveal that the electric wildman will be making his return in Street Fighter V.

However, Ono is known for trolling the Street Fighter fanbase so maybe expect Sean making a comeback instead, being another fighter that hails from Brazil. We’ll find out more in October during the Brazil Games Show but no doubt expect a leak of some kind in the coming days, as fans datamine the Street Fighter V beta for PS4 and find out some juicy information.

Check out the trailer below and expect more SFV news in the future, as we approach the beta release and the EVO world championships.