New Darkest Dungeon Patch Drops July 15th

For all your delvers of the dark, a new Darkest Dungeon patch is on the way next Wednesday, adding a host of new features to the game. This includes a new class called the Houndmaster, who has a canine familiar at his disposal to beat back the fiends which hunt in the pitch black. Also in this patch, Red Hook Games have promised a host of new balance tweaks, new FX and items to use, as well as new features in the Sanitarium to combat all the vile diseases that this patch will bring.

There are also promises of corpses in battle, which will no doubt increase your party’s stress levels as they must deal with rotting corpses of their friends as they quest through the horrid depths that encircle their Hamlet. I hope we finally see a health consumable in this patch and maybe the ability to salvage torches or other consumable items between runs, as I hate ending a successful dungeon run with about 5 torches and then having to buy a stack of new ones when I next go out questing. I also hope this patch rebalances some character classes like the Grave Robber and Plague Doctor as I feel as the class list grows, some classes either lose their niche or become very unpowered compared to others, making them almost never used during the course of your adventures.

According to the Darkest Dungeon Twitter, the full PC release should be in October, with the PS4 and Vita versions shortly after the 1.0 release. Expect our full review then and make sure to check out our first look at Darkest Dungeon right here.