SEGA Admits It Knows Fans Feel Betrayed

For many years, SEGA have been considered one of the game companies that has lost some of it’s credibility after several games received less than stellar critical reception, such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and Alien: Colonial Marines. The man in charge of the company Hajime Satomi has spoken to Famitsu, one of Japan’s longest running games magazines, and after being translated by Siliconera, it seems that he has admitted SEGA have ‘partially betrayed’ some of their older fan base.

After buying ATLUS from Index Corporation two years ago, Hajime admitted that they learned alot from the company’s work ethic and practices, and that they are trying to win back the customer’s trust to become the respected brand name they were back in the 1990’s. Personally, I hope that they stay true to their word, as SEGA’s history even during the difficult times is a track record worth preserving, especially with the 25th anniversary of their company mascot just around the corner.

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