Survive The Nights Outlines Stress Test Dates

Promising zombie survival craft game, Survive The Nights, is on it’s way to becoming available to play test. On the 20th of July a2z(Interactive); will open up (presumedly to the people who backed Survive The Nights’ Kickstarter campaign) and allow players to explore a section of the map.

The a2z(Interactive); team stated that their “mental state” mechanic, that is used to deter players killing each other without consequence, will not yet be implemented. This will actually help serve the test, as the encouragement to kill other players will allow the team to monitor the gunplay of Survive The Nights so that they can tweak it to be a decently balanced part of the game. The team also claims that the previous “proof of concept videos” outlined the majority of what you will able to do in game, but there will be many planned features waiting on the backburner for implementation. Another limitation will be the size of the map, which will be roughly a quarter of the total size, but will feature a town and plenty of space for players to get to grips with the game. Essentially the developers encourage players to do everything that they can to figure out the bugs, and then report them using the in-game report tool.

Another point to note, is that a2z(Interactive); have asked that their players don’t record or stream their gameplay. The game is nowhere near completion, and this stress test is just that, a test, and it is fair enough for the developers to want to create their “ideal representation” of the game before it starts getting into the public eye. It is important to remember that a2z(Interactive); is a completely new group of developers who want nothing more than a zombie title that they themselves, and their community, want to play.

The test is due to stop on the 25th of July, but apparently, if the players are enjoying it without any major issues, then there is a chance they will leave their servers up. As one of the most promising looking zombie titles in development, it will be great to finally get a taste of what is to come with Survive The Nights. While there is a lot of competition in the genre, there is yet to be a zombie survival title that has managed to pull ahead of the others, and while it is early days, the planned features of Survive The Nights will certainly help make it stand out among the crowd. To find all the information on the stress tests, and more, visit a2z(Interactive);’s forums.