Devolver Release RONIN Launch Trailer

If you are into ninjas, turn based combat and revenge, RONIN may just be the game for you. RONIN seems like the baby of Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, a stealth focused action game where you can the role of a vengeful ninja, looking to end the lives of 5 major heads of a big corporation. In your quest to enact your revenge, you will sneak, slash and strike through hordes of enemies in 15 missions in order to requite your lust for blood.

Every fight acts as a miniature puzzle, as you much pick the right option in order to progress this turn based ballet of blood and steel. RONIN is currently on sale on Steam for a discounted price of £7.49 until the 9th, where it jumps up to £9.99. Check out the launch trailer below for a look at RONIN in motion.