Battlefield 2143 Confirmed?

UPDATE: As it turns out, these images are fakes. The redditor who posted them admitted to the hoax as many skeptics called out his mistakes. A disappointing outcome for those eager to play a futuristic Battlefield game, but hey, at least we have Battlefront on the way.

When Battlefield 3 launched, it didn’t take long for the dedicated community to find little easter eggs that pointed towards the possibility of a sequel to Battlefield 2142, a futuristic BF title that still to this day has a thriving fan base. Since then, every announcement that DICE has made, got fans excited at the prospect of an up to date version of the classic Sci-Fi warfare game.

At this point, it is obviously unclear whether the rumours are true, but after a redditor posted 3 pictures of a screen that appeared to have Battlefield 2143 playing on it. The offending screenshots, while grainy, seem to have a certain authenticity to them, though it obviously not a real confirmation of the game. Fans may see this a sign, and it definitely makes sense for the next Battlefield title to be a continuation of the Sci-Fi brand, but it’s best not to count your chickens just yet. Whether this leak will prompt a full announcement is unclear currently.