Place Your Bets. GTAV Casino “Opening Next Week”?

The wonderful state of San Andreas has many secrets, easter eggs and other oddities hidden throughout it’s landscapes and buildings, a not least of these is the casino that has been teasing players since release.

The casino was one such entity from within GTAV that I noticed early into the games release. Giving that the Heists weren’t available at the time of finding the casino, I assumed that it would be one of the locations for one of the missions. However as info was revealed about heists, it became apparent that this was not the case.
The fact that the casino had a huge hanging sign that said “Coming soon” was hint enough that it would eventually feature in the game somehow, but when, why, and how were still a mystery.

Now that mystery is inching closer to being answered. The sign on the casino now says “Open Next Week” when you check in game, and with an update due soon, it is a safe bet that players will soon be able to gamble their funds away. Whether or not the casino will be featured in any new missions or even better heists, is still up for debate, but at the very least, a new way to make money will surely be a welcome addition to the GTAV world.