Interview Explains The Divisions “Dark Zone”

The Division has been on the watch list of many gamers for a while now, with intense gameplay footage being shown at E3 for the past couple of years now. The latest gameplay shown at E3 2015 focused on the “Dark Zone”, a PVP area with better loot to be found.

From the descriptions of the Division so far, it appears that the majority of the game will centre on a coop based shooter that pits you against the bandits left in a New York that has been ravaged by a deadly disease. With NPC’s scattered through the game world, and the chance of bumping into other players, it seem like there will be a lot of things going on at any given time.

The “Dark Zone” however will act as a PVP arena of sorts. The choice is up to the individual player on whether or not they decide attempt to fight other players, or team up with them. be warned though, if you begin killing other players, you will be marked as a “Rogue Agent” and all other players will know that you are a threat. This seems like a  good way to tackle the whole concept of shooting on sight. If you see someone with no “Rogue Agent” status, then you know straight up that you stand a better chance of not being killed by that particular player, and you know to, maybe, hold your fire.

As a player of many survival games, it is an important issue to tackle, to ensure that your community doesn’t fall apart, and giving players a way of identifying others who may be player killers is something that will help make a stronger community that relies on social interaction within the game to decide their fates.

Executive Producer, Fredrik Rundqvist, explains a bit more about the “Dark Zone” in the video below.