XCOM 2 E3 2015 Gameplay Video

A ten minute video of XCOM 2 gameplay from this years E3 has emerged on Youtube. This follows the recent announcement from 2K and Firaxis Games of the sequel to hit strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The video, as described by XCOM 2 Creative Director Jake Solomon, sees the world we know from Enemy Unknown flipped on its head. With Earth now under alien control, XCOM operates as an underground resistance operation. The gameplay footage shows a new mission type, called Sabotage.

Taking place on the 20th anniversary of Unification, the name given to Earth’s surrender to the aliens, the XCOM unit are tasked with destroying a statute built by Advent, an organisation that have teamed up with the aliens on Earth. The video demonstrates some exciting new aspects of the turn based gameplay mixed with some old favourites.

At first the combat seems similar to the first game, with the video seeing XCOM units set to Overwatch in preparation for taking out moving targets – a mechanic fans of Enemy Unknown will be very familiar with. Within minutes however, the XCOM unit faces a new reptilian foe that tangles a squaddie and crushes the XCOM member in its grip. No sooner has this devastation been unleashed than another XCOM unit dashes towards the foe and slices it with a sword in melee combat, another new aspect to the combat.

The video also features a powerful enemy turret getting hacked by the XCOM squad and turned to their uses, a downed soldier being carried to the safety of evac and a massive beast like alien, reminiscent of Enemy Unknown’s Mutons.

All in all, XCOM 2 looks set to be everything we anticipate it to be. This glimpse into the gameplay on offer will make a lot of eager XCOM fans want November to hurry up.