E3 2015: Nintendo Reveal Star Fox Zero

Nintendo usually kick off their Digital Event in style but what have they announced this time around? Hinted at in private demos at last E3, Nintendo have revealed Star Fox Zero, a half-reboot/half sequel of the fabled dogfighting series.

Star Fox Zero has a tentative Q4 2014 release date and is already shaping up to be a game no one wants to miss out on. So far, we have seen the multitude of vehicles Fox and friends can pilot, including the Walker from the cancelled Star Fox 2 and the brand new Gyrowing to vary up the usual rail shooting which Star Fox fans are used to.

Usual Star Fox staples like all range mode return and players will revisit old locations like Corneria and Zoness, along with brand new planets. To help with the action, Platinum Games are collaborating with Nintendo to make the aerial combat that little bit more exciting. Based on their Star Fox easter egg in Bayonetta 2, I would say the series is in good hands.

What are your thoughts on Star Fox Zero? Is this the definitive title for you? Let us know in the comments.