E3 2015: Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros Comes Spring 2016

In probably one of the greatest collaborations in RPG history, Intelligent Systems’ Paper Mario and AlphaDream’s Mario&Luigi series is coming together on the 3DS in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. The two RPG universes collide, having the familiar characters from both franchises come together to fight a cavalcade of paper and traditionally animated enemies.

The battle system involves three characters, with Paper Mario backing up the plumber duo, using the Bros. Attacks and Badge Moves to deal massive damage. You can also turn into giant papercraft mechs, to fight other paper enemies in third person arena fights. Paper Jam Bros also seems to keep the quirky humour of both series, to create the ultimate portable RPG.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros comes to 3DS in spring 2016 and expect more coverage of it during the Treehouse event.