E3 2015: The Last Guardian is Real!

Sony started off their presentation on top form. The anticipation was high from the get-go and their spokesperson really got things off to a good start by filling all us Playstation followers with hope for the future. Talking of how the PS4 will take us gamers into the future and by god we believe him in his message. Everything was set in motion for a great show.

And then it happened.

A slight tease of format led into a reveal that shook the core of the gaming world. Through beautiful graphics and tantalising gameplay, we finally saw the reveal of The Last Guardian. It’s been many years in the making, but one thing is for sure, Sony have been saving this beast and peppering it with all the right ingredients to make sure that they could give us the highest quality product they could possibly deliver. Following on from Ico and Shadow of the Colossus would be no easy task, but Sony have stepped up valiantly.

From the opening moments, The Last Guardian showcased Japan Studio’s knack for establishing a sense of wonder and adventure. The small child protagonist summoning his faithful guardian and having it traverse him through a series of obstacles has undoubtedly become the highlight of E3 for many a gamer. The sheer sense of wonder and imagination is hard to beat and for this man personally, I was choked up by everything I was seeing.

The guardian himself, yet to be named,  is a faithful dog companion who players get completely control over to aid him through a perilous quest. It really conveys a sense of companionship and teamwork unlike anything we have ever seen in the gaming world before. All that was shown in the trailer was a series of pitfalls that can be traversed through help from your guardian, but this only serves to make us question what other challenges lie in wait. This my friends, will be an adventure for the ages.

The trailer ended with a simple title-card that read, 2016. We have a release date, but for now we will have to wait with our mouths still drooling for a proper release date.